Social gatherings are great. But they’re even greater over a cup of coffee.

Why you?

Why not? Just kidding:) We know what it takes to create a cool and inviting atmosphere. And when you’re hosting a party, the vibe is everything.

For whom?

Whether it’s a private party, corporate or promotional event, we’ll make it outstanding. Weddings, baby showers, trade shows, open houses, office meetings, grand openings, you name it.

Anything else?

Sure! Not only do we prepare your favorite beverages on the spot, but also our baristas can give a masterclass in brewing great-tasting coffee. Attention, true coffee fans! You don’t even need a coffee machine to make smooth full-flavored coffee. Dive in alternate brewing and enjoy drinks that never disappoint.

Don’t leave us hanging! Prices?

  • 1 hour
    50 cups
  • 2 hours
    100 cups
  • 4 hours
    250 cups

We’re flexible regarding terms and prices and always try hard to provide outstanding customer service.
Let’s discuss the details!

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